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Psychology Patient


Supervision is a requirement for professionals engaged in therapeutic work with clients. It is also desirable for other professionals who work in a variety of other ways with people.

Supervision is not ‘therapy for the therapist’. Supervision is a professional and regular arrangement between supervisor and supervisee with the welfare of clients at its heart. It is a space to:

•    Explore client work and discuss ethical issues arising from the work
•    Discuss boundaries and challenges to boundaries
•    Explore and experience relationships in a reflective way
•    An opportunity for learning and sharpening of skills
•    A space for looking at the impact of personal issues on professional work
•    A space for looking at the impact of client work on personal wellbeing
•    To identify opportunities for further training or development

Hope Psychological services offers clinical supervision for therapists and consultancy and supervision for other professionals who would benefit from the type of relationship offered above.

If you would like to consider having your supervision with us please complete the contact us form to enquire about availability in the first instance.

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