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Considering setting up a professional Counselling or Listening Service?

We have the know-how you need.

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It takes time to develop skills – walk with us, grow with us  …..

Our Approach

Our consultancy service aims to help those considering starting a listening or counselling service within their own organisation. We can also assist in pastoral support, namely by equipping couples to support other couples using our accredited training. Whilst we are happy to tailor our support to you needs, our preferred approach can be described as organic, following the stages of growth below:

Foundations  (preparing the soil)

Invest in leader’s emotional and relational well being  

Consultancy (deciding what is to be planted)

Scoping - what is your starting point and what is your vision?

Skills Development (Germination)  

Train people: Counselling training/ Couples support training / CPD

Planting Service (Planting the seed in your location)

Listening/Counselling/ couple support  

Maintaining a service (Cultivation )  

Consultancy, Supervision  and CPD



Cultivate change – start like a mustard seed 


Our consultancy approach is in two stages:


An initial exercise to look at what people,resources and governance systems are already in place and what would need to be developed and implemented. This is a day's work and includes a scoping report with recommendations to inform a business plan. Areas we cover include developing the vision and mission statement, stakeholder analysis and developing the business plan:

  • Service model recommendation

  • Premises and Associated costs

  • The People Involved

  • Ethical & Legal Compliance and Monitoring

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Financial Projections

  • Short & Long Term Objectives

  • Planning for Review

Service Level Agreement

Following on from the scoping exercise we support organisations to implement the recommendations through a 12 month SLA, with the intention of the organisation being ready to operate without support after 1 year. We can also offer continuing support and clinical supervision if needed.​

Get in Touch

In the first instance please contact us for an initial discussion to see how best we can support you.



We would like to grow a relationship with you and your leadership team – one where you can grow in an environment that is open and authentic.


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