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CBT Training Programme

CBT Training Workshops

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January 2021 - March 2021


Each workshop consists of 20 hours CPD  delivered over Tuesday & Thursday evenings and a Saturday

Accredited with Open College Network, a programme of 5 stand-alone workshops. Ideal CPD for a variety of helping roles including counsellors and health and care workers.
Delivered by a BABCP accredited psychotherapist

Assessment & Formulation

May 2021

This course is suitable for anyone who assesses people's needs and makes referrals/signposts.The workshop focuses on practical clinical skills, through role-play. The workshop facilitator will role-play interventions with clients, leading workshop participants through the stages of assessment, to produce a CBT formulation for the ‘client’


Recognising Suicide and Self Harm Risks

On this course we offer 5 practical tools to work with those who are suicidal: Risk Assessment, Management of Risks, Hope Enhancer, Problem Solving and Maintaining Progress – each is presented with a demonstration and skills practice sessions


CBT Basic Concepts

In this underpinning programme we will explore the underlying concepts and philosophical roots of CBT as well as practical skills and techniques including the use of socratic questions. This is the foundational course for CBT for Anxiety and Depression

Psychology Patient

CBT for Depression

Evidence based practice suggests that CBT is an effective treatment for depression. Knowing the symptoms to look for and your own levels of competence will enable you to make ethical decisions about who to work with and who to refer. Includes skills practice sessions

CBT for Anxiety

Learning outcomes for this course include; understanding the application of CBT for anxiety including use of anxiety graphs, safety behaviours, fight/flight physiology; understand different presentations of anxiety; Understand behavioural and cognitive techniques when working with anxiety and to know how to put CBT stategies and tools into practice.

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