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Install powerful Web Applications with Web AI and save time setting up and maintaining your own web server! With Web AI, you can configure and manage popular application environments for ASP.Net and PHP-based Web Applications without needing to purchase or install one of the applications from the Web Application Installer. Web AI allows you to access web applications hosted by the community in the same easy manner as Web Application Installer. With Web AI, you can change application settings and add application features without writing code.Web AI allows you to quickly and easily install these high-level, hosted, community-based applications while still allowing you to choose when to start and stop the applications, configure the application and perform maintenance and upgrades. Unlike other methods of configuring and maintaining Web applications, like using Microsoft Application Virtualization, Web AI makes Web applications easy to access and manage.Ability to Start and Stop Applications and Rollback:Web AI will help you start and stop the applications and perform the required actions, including upgrades and rollbacks, when necessary. You can also choose the time interval when you want applications to start and stop.Setup Time:When you set up Web AI, it will configure the computer to provide the necessary access and security to the applications and only download the applications when required.Microsoft Web Application Installer is a free download from Microsoft Website.About the AuthorThe Web Application Installer was designed to help get you up and running with the most widely used Web Applications freely available for your Windows Server.If you are interested in Web AI, you can read more about it on the Web AI website - Thanks for the news, it's a very good news.I hope that Web Application Installer will become part of the Web Platform Installer, cause the Web Platform Installer is one of my favourite WPI's, and this news is a step to help it become more popular.[Microsoft only] Downloadable installation packages for certain Web applications installed by WPI:Please note that the only installation package supported for Web Applications installed by the Web Application Installer is the one that comes with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64). Other installation packages that are part of the Web Application Installer or were part of the service pack are not supported.1. "Web Platform Installer" from MSDN CodePlex Download Web Platform InstallerAfter several Internet searches, I 08929e5ed8

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