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Therapy is an increasingly popular way of dealing with issues that arise in life; Many people use it as a substitute or accompaniment to medication in order to understand their problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

Therapy is not only for dealing with problems but can also be useful for people who are happy and successful but feel that they are not reaching the fullness of their potential – a counsellor has the skills to help you reach towards your aspirations and discover the hidden parts of your potential.

Life in the 21st century has many stresses and strains brought on by the pace of life, finances and expectations, not to mention the things that people have always had to cope with such as bereavement, loss and traumatic events. Sometimes even the methods we use to cope like drinking, drug relief, eating, smoking, checking things (OCD) etc can, sometimes become problems in themselves.

Therapy offers a space in which a person can make sense of and work on ways of coping with all sorts of difficulties or issues in a safe and confidential setting. By attending an initial consultation you can discuss your issues and decide if counselling is for you without making a commitment to other sessions.

Our Therapists are based within the Carlisle (Cumbria) and West Midlands area, counselling is offered subject to availability.


All attended therapy sessions, whether online (via zoom) or in person are charged at £50-£75 per session (negotiable in connection with household income). Please complete the contact us form to check availability in the first instance.


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