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Do you encounter mental health issues within your community that are preventing people from thriving?
Do you see a huge unmet need in your wider community that you want to serve?
Are you concerned about not having the right expertise and governance around meeting the emotional health of your communities?  

Thats were we hope to help....

Leading from a place of integrity we can help to transform communities through 3 aspects of our work; Wellbeing (Counselling and Self-help resources), Training & Supervision (from introduction to Diploma level Counselling Training & CPD workshops in assessment, CBT and suicide risk assessment) and Consultancy (supporting organisations to establish professional listening and Counsellling services.

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Counselling and Self-Help resources


From introduction to Diploma level Counselling training,CPD workshops & supervision

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Help and support in setting up professional listenting & counselling services


Our Mission

Our Mission to is equip communities to promote emotional wellbeing and thriving relationships through Wellbeing services (counselling, supervision, self-help etc.), Training and Consultancy.

"Restoring the Person, Developing Potential"

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As a community interest company (CIC) we define our community into 3 distinct groups of people:

Group 1- People who could benefit from a psycholgical intervention or any other type of support e.g.  common anxiety presentations, depression, relationship issues etc. through provision of our wellbeing services including talking therapies and self-help ressources.

Group 2- People who work with the group 1 in a support role either in paid employment or voluntarily e.g. counsellors. We support this group through provision of our training and supervision services.

Group 3- People who train/ supervise/manage group 2 with the ultimate aim of improving provision for group 1. We support this group through our consultancy service.

The profits that we make will be invested into the work we do for these communities with the aim of supporting our vision statement: Restore the person: develop the potential.


Growing a culture of authenticity and vulnerability leading to powerful change

Our Mission

Our Values

Embedding professional and ethical standards into all we do
Growing a culture of authenticity and vulnerability leading to powerful change
Intentional patience and compassion, promoting openness and supporting growth
Valuing and respecting all, regardless of differences
Developing strong connections and trust over time
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